Cold Water Swimming

15th October 2018

Not quite ready for the open water swimming season to finish? Then now is the time to plan how to swim through the winter months . The health benefits of cold water swimming are said to help boost the immune system, reduce stress, improve circulation, burn calories, release endorphins and leave you feeling invigorated all day .

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Alex parren

My swim journey - Alex Parren

28th October 2017

Read about Alex's first swim lesson

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Harrison smith rotterdam

Harrison Smith - 8th place in World Triathlon Championships

28th October 2017

Harrisons Race report from Rotterdam World Triathlon Championships 2018

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My First Multi-Sport Event

19th October 2017

Using duathlon as a stepping stone for triathlon

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This is not a tri bike

As Easy As Learning to Ride a Bike? Adjusting to a Road Bike Isn’t as Easy at it Sounds!

19th October 2017

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