Another excellent review on the Huub Archimedes II

17th February 2015

Steve Osbourne who placed 12th in Ironman Kalmar, one of the most popular and exciting races on the circuit, reviews the new Huub Archimedes II for us.

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Archimedes II Wetsuit review

05th February 2015

David is a keen triathlete of 4 years having done Ironman Wales , Half Ironman races at Wimbleball and Hever Castle and numerous Olympic distance tris. Along with a few swimming races such as a 5k at Eton. He had this to say about the Brand New Huub Archimedes II

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Ross davenport

We meet Ross Davenport - 3 time British Olympian

29th October 2014

We were privileged to meet Ross Davenport ,3 time British Olympian, at the Tri 220 awards in February . He has retired from competitive swimming and now works for Finis, developers of innovative swimming products.

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Take the struggle out of swimming

17th October 2014

See what we can do in just one hour. A huge proportion of our customers come to us from a strong cycling and/or running background.They want to start doing triathlon, yet despite their fitness they are amazed at how difficult and energy consuming swimming is.

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Why your body position is so important

17th October 2014

Swimming in balance ( with your hips at the surface) reduces drag which will therefore increase speed. Sometimes there is a very simple solution to why a swimmer is swimming "uphill" .

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