Another excellent review on the Huub Archimedes II

17th February 2015

Steve Osbourne who finished 12th in Ironman Kalmar 2013 has kindly reviewed the Huub Archimedes II, which is being modeled in the photo above by Alistair Brownlee.

To learn more about Steve visit the “beyond going long” site here

Steves Huub Archimedes II Review

First thoughts when putting the wetsuit on is how light and thin it feels in comparison to my existing wetsuit, (was slightly worried about putting my fingers through it at first, but that was a worry I needn’t of had ) .

Once into the suit it felt like no other suit I have owned, an extremely flexible, light and body glove feel to it. Most suits need quite a bit of “wriggling” around in to be comfortable, the huub seems to sit on my body more naturally.

I didn’t find the zip really easy to pull up on my own (maybe due to its newness?) but had no problem in undoing it and was out of it really quickly . When in the water it felt so flexible, and no restrictions in the usual spots, the neck was really comfortable with no choking feel. My previous wetsuit often felt very restrictive around the hip area, but this was of no concern in the Huub.

Leg buoyancy was amazing, keeping the legs up is now an effortless task!!

When taking off it pulled over my calfs very easily, so very happy with the calf panels they worked very well.

400 times :
HUUB wetsuit = 5mins 5 secs
Aquasphere Wetsuit = 5mins 15 secs



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