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best freestyle drill

14th October 2019

The most important drill you can do to improve your freestyle swimming./strong>
In this one drill you can rehearse and imprint numerous good habits . These are just a few for you to work on.
1. Head position . Point a lazer beam from the middle of your head to face directly forwards ( that’s the direction you want to swim in!)
2. Posture – engage the core keep the spine aligned and hold the rotation at about 45 degrees
3. Depth of hand – reach just below the bodyline with the fingers tipped slightly downwards. This improves your horizontal balance and gets you in the correct position ready for the catch
4. Leg kick – kick from the hip , rotate the legs in line with the body .
5. Practice a smooth and constant exhale into the water
Make sure you practice each point in whole stroke swimming too . Start with just a few strokes without turning for air . When you are confident that you are starting to imprint the new position add in the breathing again.
ClCK HERE for a video with a demonstration of the drill .If you’d like to learn more book a 1:1 lesson with us or join one of our Effortless Endurance Freestyle Workshops


Skate drill

Skate arm position

Skate body angle

Skate eyes down

Skate hand in pocket

Skate laser beam

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