Choosing a new wetsuit

31st March 2016

Spring is approaching and we have seen an increase this week in customers buying wetsuits in preparation for the next season . But what should you consider when you buy a new wetsuit ?

There is so much choice these days ; it’s a minefield trying to work out what to do for the best . There are so many things to consider :

Price – What should I spend on my wetsuit & How will I know if it’s a good deal?

Prices can start at £150 for an entry level wetsuit and go right up to £550 for a top of the range wetsuit. How much you want to invest will depend on how many events you have planned and if being a minute or so faster because the wetsuit is better will really make a difference to your race. The more you pay for your wetsuit, the faster and more comfortable it will be .

Sizing – Can I buy off the peg or do I need a custom made suit?

Custom suits are not really a requirement for most people, even most elite athletes buy off the peg.  And with most companies such as Huub offering a wide range of sizes and different buoyancies , you can get a great fit for a great price off the peg.

Fitting – I have never worn a wetsuit or can never seem to get mine feeling comfortable. How will I know how it feels to swim in it?

We give you expert guidance on how to fit your wetsuit properly . Even if this is your 3rd or 4th wetsuit we often find there is a small trick we can show you to get a perfectly comfortable fit. Then you can test it out in the endless pool or TriFarm lake to make sure you are 100% happy. When putting on a wetsuit its easier to use plastic bags on your feet to slide it on easily. Work the fabric upwards from ankles to knees , then knees to hips , the pull the wetsuit up from waist to the neck before trying to put the arms on . It can take up to 20 minutes to get your wetsuit fitting perfectly .

Hire or Buy. I have never swum in the open water !

This is always a big question as you won’t know if you are going to enjoy open water until you have tried it, at least, a few times . If you are training for just one event then you will need to have a suit each time you practice in the lake and one for the event itself .

If you are new to triathlon you should consider hiring a suit to begin with.  We offer season hire, 1 day hire or hire by the session (if you swim in one of our coached sessions at Tri Farm) , but the best part is ; if you decide to buy a wetsuit from us we take any hire charges off the price of the suit , so you always get a free trial

Childrens wetsuits . I want to buy a suit for my child but they will outgrow it very quickly so is it a waste of money?.

Kids wetsuits are a big expense if you have to change them every year for a new size as they grow, but with us you pay £120 and each time you need the next kids size up we swap it for you free of charge . Kids sizes 8/9, 10/11, 12/13

What happens if I damage it or it develops a fault ?

Our wetsuits all have at least 1-year warranty . If you damage your suit and it is not covered by the warranty we will offer to repair it for you if possible free of charge( small nicks) or we will direct you to someone who can do a specialist repair (tears and rips) at a reasonable price. If you look after your suit and follow our care instructions your suit should last you at least 3 seasons.

We have already done all the research and tried and tested lots of different wetsuits and as swim coaches we believe that the HUUB range we have offers something for everyone and every budget. (Huub have after all been voted best wetsuit brand for the last 3 years) We offer a price match guarantee so you never have to worry that you have paid too much. We currently have some great discounts on 2015 wetsuits.

We have the largest size range . 10 sizes for men and 6 for Women so its easy for us to find a size that fits you perfectly

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