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Cold Water Swimming

15th October 2018

If you want to start swimming throughout the year , it is important to keep swimming outdoors at least once a week from now. This allows you to gradually adjust to the reducing temperatures . So here are our top tips for doing this . (the usual safety instructions for any open water swimming will also apply)

  • If you don’t live near the coast find lakes that are open over the winter months . Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Help to prepare by taking cold showers at home
  • Reduce the time you spend in the water as the temperature drops
  • Make sure your core body temperature is warm before you enter the water , but allow the exposed skin to adjust to the air temperature for a few minutes before you get in
  • Walk in slowly with hands in the water and submerge the head only when you have your breathing under control , exhale underwater and acclimatise before you start swimming . Never dive in – it can cause sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Know the signs of hypothermia – pale skin, drowsiness, stiff muscles, confusion and slurred speech
  • Wearing a wetsuit , gloves, socks and neoprene hat will all help you stay warm for longer
  • When you get out dry off quickly . Apply layers of clothing including hats/socks and gloves and have a hot drink ready
  • Do not have a hot shower , your body temperature needs to increase slowly

If cold water swimming is not for you but you still want to swim outdoors in the winter you could always explore the many heated lidos in the UK - https://wildswim.com/Collection/Details/9c718bdb-b3d6-41b5-9a9a-a6d900e0369f

But whatever outdoor swimming you do over the winter be sure to share your stories with us!

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Coach Dawn

Dawn is a former triathlete and Marathon runner. Dawn is a level 3 T.I Coach and is highly experienced. She has been qualified as a TI 4 stroke coach for 11 years and is a co owner of " Tri ’N’ Swim W.E.L.L." She teaches full time in the Endless Pool studio just outside the centre of Rochford, Essex. Working with a wide range of swimming abilities from children, competitive swimmers through to Solo Windermere and Channel swimmers

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Coach Gill

Gill is a Level 1 Workshop Director. Amongst the most established TI Coaches in the UK and she is now in her 11th year of coaching at " Tri ’N’ Swim W.E.L.L." She teaches full time in their Endless Pool studio just outside the centre of Rochford, Essex. Working with a wide range of swimming abilities from Phobic swimmers to the current GB U 20 Sprint Triathlon Champion , She is one of the only TI coaches to run open water workshops . in the UK and directs the Tri n Swim WELL lanzarote swim camps . She is a former triathlete and a former Competitive Swimmer

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Ipswich workshop classroom

Our comfortable classroom next to the swimming pool used for our presentations, video reviews and Questions and Answer sessions .


Open Water Coaching

Our open water sessions help make that transition from the safety of the pool to the excitement and sometimes daunting open water.



I went from splashing about like a drowning cat, to swimming like a fish. You guys are truly amazing, thank you!" Simon


Online Coaching Videos

As a customer you will be given access to our online members section where you will be able to view your video analysis from each lesson. You will also be able to access other learning resources and have dialogue with your coach between lessons. This service is offered for FREE as part of your lesson.



Let our expert knowledge guide you through your choice of wetsuits. Full fitting service and try before you buy available at our swim studio or Tri Farm lake in Boreham. We have tried and tested all the wetsuits we sell and believe we have selected a perfect range to suit all budgets . We want to give you our full attention for a wetsuit fitting and request that you make an appointment so that the pool is free for you to try on the wetsuit .