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Learning to swim with Tim Ferriss and Terry Laughlin

11th February 2016

Bestselling author Tim Ferriss (“The world’s best human guinea pig.” - Newsweek) well known for his ability to deconstruct and learn almost anything.

Swimming had for a long time been his weak link.

“Swimming has always scared the hell out of me.”

Tim stated that his “inability to swim well has always been one of my greatest insecurities and embarrassments.”

I’ve tried to learn to swim almost a dozen times, and each time, my heart jumps to 180+ beats-per-minute after one or two pool lengths. It’s indescribably exhausting and unpleasant.

That was until he discovered Total Immersion swimming technique.

Tim how now launched a series of videos titled “The Tim Ferriss Experiment” which is now available in the UK.  During the series, Tim pushes himself to breaking point trying to learn notoriously punishing skills such as surfing and parkour.

Having already learned to swim using Total Immersion he set out in one video to help teach someone to swim long distance. 

For just over £1 you can watch this great video showing how you can progress from being a non- swimmer to open water swimmer in 5 days following the TI technique. Together the genius of Terry Laughlin (founder of Total Immersion) and Tim Ferris (Self Help Guru and author of the 4 hour Workweek)  they transform Sarah an adult non swimmer who is nervous of water into an open water swimmer.

For Sarah, swimming was very much learning to control how her mind behaves because fear prevents progress. Terry is a master of deconstructing the freestyle stroke into mini skills.  Rhythmic breathing is the biggest hurdle for any new swimmer and will result in failure if introduced too early. You will see Sarah struggling to take a breath and then being delighted with 1 rhythmic breath to finally managing 30-40 successive breaths. Sarah is successful in her mission because she was taught the foundation skills first which gave her a solid platform to progress to breathing .

As coaches , that’s what makes our job so rewarding!

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