Meditation and mindfulness – calm minds can create extraordinary achievements

06th March 2019

So what can meditation achieve?

Meditation can help people understand themselves better, enhance their motivation, and be more mindful of their life choices and behaviours. It can help them focus on and prioritise the important aspects of their lives.

A continual overwhelming feeling of stress and a chance conversation with a customer lead me to try meditation for the first time in April this year. I can honestly say it has improved my life for so many reasons and I am still discovering benefits almost daily.

My customer, a golf coach, told me that he had just discovered a meditation app HeadSpace that he could listen to on his phone. It had improved his focus and attention at work, in his own training, and helped him to relax. So instead of letting the stress continue to dominate my life I thought “let’s give this a try - there’s nothing to lose.”

To date, my app tells me I have meditated for a total of 810 minutes. I don’t do it for longer than 10 minutes in one session and I try to do it most days.  I find it most productive when I meditate first thing in the morning before I get disturbed by phone calls - if you are using the app on your phone, a phone call or text could really ruin the experience. It takes as long as it would take me to make and drink a cup of tea – and I never find an excuse to miss out on a morning cuppa! If you’re one of those people thinking meditation is not for you or you don’t have time, I urge you to give it a try.

I started with the basics and was absolutely astounded that I could not even count to 10 without being distracted 7 or 8 times, my mind was just full of random, urgent thoughts. I really struggled at first to clear my head and stay in the present, but made a small progression daily.  After mastering the basics and visualisation techniques I moved on to the 30 day course on stress management. I then tackled the 10 day course on prioritization, followed by the 10 day course simply titled “Happiness.” I have now just started sport motivation. “Headspace” offer countless meditation packs including 8 which will improve one’s approach to sport.

So how has it improved my life?

Firstly, I feel calmer, more patient, and less stressed. This has a positive impact on my life and on those of the people close to me.  But also importantly to me is my increased focus and ability to really work on one thing at a time. 

As a busy coach, running a business from home with very little free time I have spent the last few years being in awe of many of my clients who do some truly amazing things. Before discovering meditation, I had a million excuses as to why I wouldn’t again be able to achieve such great things myself. I now realise my clients are ordinary people who have the self-belief to fulfil their audacious goals, and I am
retraining my brain and mindset to believe that I too can do anything I want to.

I have started to set myself some goals for next year. The 24 hour swim with colleagues, a swim run event in the UK, and a 10K run just to begin with. With my new less stressed mind, which understands how to prioritise properly, I should free up enough time to fit the training in!

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Coach Dawn

Dawn is a former triathlete and Marathon runner. Dawn is a level 3 T.I Coach and is highly experienced. She has been qualified as a TI 4 stroke coach for 11 years and is a co owner of " Tri ’N’ Swim W.E.L.L." She teaches full time in the Endless Pool studio just outside the centre of Rochford, Essex. Working with a wide range of swimming abilities from children, competitive swimmers through to Solo Windermere and Channel swimmers

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Coach Gill

Gill is a Level 1 Workshop Director. She is one of the most established TI Coaches in the UK and is now in their 11th year of coaching at " Tri ’N’ Swim W.E.L.L." She teaches full time in their Endless Pool studio just outside the centre of Rochford, Essex. Working with a wide range of swimming abilities from Phobic swimmers to the current GB U 20 Sprint Triathlon Champion , She is one of the only TI coaches to run open water workshops . in the UK and directs the Tri n Swim WELL lanzarote swim camps . She is a former triathlete and a former Competitive Swimmer

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Coach Susan

Susan is Head of Swimming at Bancroft’s School in Woodford Green and the first TI Coach in Europe to implement Total Immersion teaching methodology into the PE curriculum, from non-swimmers to our county and National swimmers everyone shows a significant improvement both physically and in their understanding of how swimming works and swimming has seen a significant rise in participation and success over recent years. Gill and Susan first met on a workshop back in 2010/11, where Gill was the Coach and Susan the swimmer and are delighted to be able to work together to deliver Total Immersion workshops at Bancroft’s School


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We specialise in re-tooling the swimming strokes of competitive swimmers at any level from the age of nine upwards. Resulting in significant performance gains .


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