Become a Great Freestyle Swimmer

Every great freestyle swimmer has this in common: They have mastered the foundational skill of being balanced horizontally in water. Humans aren’t designed to swim! If we were, we would have our lungs( buoyancy) in the centre of our bodies.
Most of our body mass is below our lungs so we need to try to shift our weight towards the front end and learn how to balance our bodies in water so that we move through the water with less drag.
Here’s how to do this.
• Keep your head in a neutral position so that it is in line with the spine
• Turn off neck muscles and feel the head being completely supported by the water.
• Engage your core and make sure your back is flat
• Lean forwards pressing your lungs onto the water
• Imagine you have a steel rod through your head/spine. That rod cannot bend
• Kick from the hip, with minimal knee bend.

Master this position in a drill first (see video) and get the feeling of being horizontal and completely supported by the water. Now try and replicate this feeling when you swim . Take some non breathing strokes first, keeping the head in a neutral position. When you turn the head to breathe make sure it is still cushioned on the water .If you lift your head you have bent that steel rod and your hips will sink immediately and take you out of balance.
Get someone to watch you swim , or try to FEEL that your hips are at the surface. If you cannot master this on your own , then book a coaching session here with Tri n Swim WELL.