Reasons Everyone Should Participate In Swimming Lessons

Many individuals first enter the water when they are young, never progressing much further than the survival basics of learning to swim. For others, swimming is a skill both embraced and enjoyed throughout their lives. Whether you have fond memories of splashing about in the pool, or have apprehension to enter the water as a consequence of a frightening experience, swimming remains among one of the most vital life skills. 

So if you are looking to learn the basics or are an experienced swimmer looking to advance your skills, the following are Tri N Swim Well’s top reasons that everybody should participate in swimming lessons. Gill and Dawn are on hand to coach you from strength to strength, no matter what your level is in the water. 

Safety in the Water

Being able to swim is a crucial life skill. Whether you’re lost at sea or struggling in a hotel pool, you never know when the ability to swim could be the difference between life and death. For this reason, it is best to learn to swim and build confidence in the water - this way, we can trust we have a chance if presented with a potentially dangerous situation. 


The physically demanding nature of swimming will improve all aspects of your life. From making new friends to bettering your health and physical appearance, improving your skills in the water is a fantastic way to improve each aspect of yourself - ultimately improving your overall confidence and quality of life. 

Health and Fitness 

Amongst improving stamina and increasing our heart rates, swimming is a brilliant way to increase our health and fitness levels significantly. Furthermore, a swimming session burns a considerable amount of calories. Losing weight can extensively improve the functioning of our bodies, minimizing that which poses a threat to our health, such as heart conditions. 

Social Aspect 

Participating in swimming lessons is a great way to socialize and meet like-minded individuals. Learning to swim will not only improve your ability in the water but will also improve your socialisation skills. Making friends with fellow swimmers opens up the opportunity to spend time together exploring your common interest, doing things like swimming in new pools and waters you have not before been in.   


Learning to swim is an undeniably enjoyable experience. Immersing yourself in the water is a great way to let off steam, exercise and interact with other dedicated swimmers. More so, being able to swim opens up a realm of other fun activities for individuals to participate in throughout their lives - including swimming in the sea, at the pool on holiday, at water parks and more!

In addition to being among the most vital of life skills, learning to swim is an exciting and enjoyable activity that can contribute to the improvement of all aspects of life. Tri N Swim Well are on hand to offer advanced coaching sessions and excursions to progress dedicated swimmers further in their abilities. To enquire further about working with founders and celebrated swimmers Gill and Dawn, contact the team today!