The Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

Despite our initial apprehension to dive headfirst into a cold body of water, there are numerous untold health benefits of cold water swimming. This swimming style is an activity both embraced and celebrated worldwide, from being a regular pastime in countries such as Poland, Russia, and Finland to a New Year’s Day celebration in the Netherlands. Tri N Swim Well are on hand to detail you with plentiful reasons as to why you should take the plunge into cold water. 

Physical Benefits

Contributes to Weight Loss

The nature of swimming in cold water encourages our heart rates to increase due to the shocking decline in body temperature. Ultimately cold water shock will result in calories burning at a faster rate; contributing significantly to an increase in the functionality of the metabolism. 

Decreased Inflammation 

Embraced as part of the regime of athletes across the world, cold water immersion is proven to aid recovery. When inflicted with freezing temperatures, your blood will be diverted from the recently trained muscle, to protect your organs from the extremities of the cold. When the majority of your blood is occupied protecting your core, your limbs will be able to recover much quicker and will experience a significant decrease in inflammation. 

Radiant Skin

Open waters are rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. All of which are beneficial due to their mildly antiseptic properties that encourage the healing and revitalisation of damaged skin. 

Increased Immunity

Our reactions to the stress of cold water swimming encourages an increase in white blood cell production, providing a natural boost to the strength of your immune system. Whilst not scientifically proven, advocate icy swimmers are said to report fewer seasonal illnesses than their non-swimming friends. 

Mental Benefits

Increased Mindfulness 

Similar to that of mindfulness exercises, cold water swimming welcomes an escape from our persistent everyday thoughts - this is due to shocking our nervous systems. When subdued at an undesirable cold temperature, our nerve endings relay how cold we are to our brain. Due to the intensity of the sensation and our brain's limited bandwidth, our bodies will be overwhelmed and fixated on only the shocking temperature. Ultimately encouraging us to focus on the present moment!

Increased Stress Tolerance 

Cold water swimming induces the release of the stress hormone cortisol and raises our heart rate and breathing frequency. These reactions are similar to that of our ‘fight or flight response’ - hence why our immediate reaction to entering cold water is to get straight out! Participating in regular cold water swims encourages a build-up in endurance to the sensations of these reactions. In turn, enabling us to better carry ourselves in tense, scary or stressful situations.

Increased Self Esteem

Dedicated cold water swimmers will experience an increase in self-esteem. Building both the confidence and courage to immerse yourself in cold water is a challenge. When achieved, individuals will be fueled with an unmatched sense of accomplishment. 

Swimming in cold water increases your well-being both physically and mentally. When venturing out on a cold water swim, it is imperative that you take safety precautions - Tri N Swim Well stock an extensive range of wetsuits and accessories, ideal for cold water swimmers! Should you wish to inquire further regarding our swim coaching, cold water swimming or summer swim camp, inquire with the team today!