The ultimate guide to beginning triathlon training

Championed by some of the fittest athletes around the world, the physically demanding nature of a triathlon competition requires intense training and dedication throughout. The event itself will consist of swimming, cycling, and running segments - the race distance of each will be dependent on the specific event you participate in. Tri N Swim Well is on hand to coach you through the swimming sector of your Triathlon competition. 

Required Equipment                      


Tri suit or swim costume 

Wetsuit for open water triathlons 

Swim Cap 

Goggles (include an extra pair and tinted pair, in case of sunny weather) 

Skin lubricant

Timing chip strap






Hydration and Nutrition 


Flat Kit


Race Belt

Hydration and Nutrition 

Running Shoes (with elasticated laces) 


Triathlon Training 

Training for a triathlon requires an extensively formulated training programme. A progressively intensifying triathlon training plan will ensure you are on track to reach the race day finish line and exceed your self-set goals. 

It is advised that you follow a professionally constructed plan to ensure you are both disciplined and on track to achieve your triathlon aspirations. Tri N Swim Well are proud to offer 1-2-1 coaching for the Swimming duration of your triathlon distance race. Be sure to enquire with us regarding our swim coaching services to combat 1 / 3 of your race! 

Additional Factors 


Throughout your triathlon training and in the days leading up to the event, it is crucial that you utilise the correct nutrition to fuel your body for an impressive performance and optimum recovery. The Tri N Swim Well team recommends the consultation of a professional nutritionist who specialises in or is experienced in working with athletic clientele. 


The transitions made between each component of the triathlon competition can determine whether you’re going to exceed your self-set goals or personal records. It is essential to incorporate the smooth transitioning into your training - experienced triathletes and sport-specific coaches can assist you in this field. 

Event Recovery

Post-event, the Tri N Swim Well team encourages you to take a leaf from the regime of other dedicated athletes and join them in an icy bath. Proven to aid recovery, immersing yourself in cold water decreases inflammation and enables you to heal quicker. The shocking temperature of the cold water tub will force your blood to rush to your core to protect your organs, as opposed to dwelling in your recently exerted muscles and elongating your recovery. 

Participation in a Triathlon competition demands immediate dedication from the point of determining your exact event. Whether you’re a dedicated triathlete looking to exceed your personal best, or if you would be fulfilled enough just to pass the finish line, our team consists of elite-level coaches for you.

Tri N Swim Well was founded by Dawn and Gill, celebrated triathletes, athletes and coaches in the world of competitive swimming. More information on our comprehensive Triathlon Swim Coaching services can be found on our website.