Tri N Swim Well’s top triathlon wetsuits for 2022

The competitive nature of triathlon leads participants to search for the best wetsuit; to help  them to achieve record-breaking times by having an advanced range of motion and buoyancy for optimum speed. Tri N Swim Well is on hand to assist dedicated athletes in their journey to the finish line to detail the top triathlon wetsuits for 2022. 

From sought after leading brands such as Orca , HUUB and  Zone 3, Tri N Swim Well are proud to stock an extensive range of wetsuits. The following are amongst the best selling in the store's collection - this is owed to their exceptionally high quality, value for money and range of motion for open water swimming. 

The Bestselling Wetsuits For Men

HUUB Alpha Beta: An ideal first wetsuit for swimmers starting in open water. This wetsuit has good flexibility and has 2:4 buoyancy to give men a better position in the water.

Orca Openwater Core TRN: With high flexibility in the shoulders and an advanced neutral buoyancy, this wetsuit makes workouts in open water wonderfully comfortable and secure.

Orca S7/Athlex Float : Perfect for the Progressive Swimmer, the Orca S7 Men's wetsuit is designed to create extra buoyancy. Aimed at entry-level open water swimmers, this suit cleverly elevates your position in the water without interfering with your stroke technique.

Orca Openwater Perform: This wetsuit has been designed with very technically adept swimmers in mind, looking for the most flexibility, neutral buoyancy and thermal insulation to compete in open water.

The Bestselling Wetsuits For Women

HUUB Alpha Beta: This wetsuit is ideal for individuals starting in open water with neutral buoyancy and a good degree of upper body flexibility. 

Zone 3 Aspect Breaststroke: Developed with the breaststroke in mind, this wetsuit is designed to allow an extended range of movement between the legs and across the chest.

Orca Equip/Orca Athlex Flex: The Orca Equip is the perfect mid-range suit for natural swimmers who already have a good body position in the water. The thin 1.5mm neoprene allows for superb flexibility in the arms, and the infinity skin lining retains body heat and is kind to the skin. 

Orca Open water Core TRN: This wetsuit features high flexibility in the shoulders and neutral buoyancy, making your first workouts in open water wonderfully comfortable, with a buoyancy that will keep you feeling secure.

Virtual Fitting 

In addition to an impressive range of quality wetsuits and associated swimming accessories for Triathletes, Tri N Swim Well is proud to offer a 'Virtual Wetsuit Fitting' service. As dedicated swimmers themselves, Tri N Swim Well founders Gill and Dawn understand the significance of your wetsuit feeling like a 'second-skin' to allow for optimum range of motion when moving through the water. 

Each item available from our online store has been specifically designed to keep triathletes safe, warm and free to move when within the water. For further assistance in exploring our range of stock or to book your virtual fitting, be sure to contact the Tri N Swim well team today!