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Aegis II Thermal - 001



NB this suit comes up 1 size smaller . IE the Medium is only suitable for a Small .
Still want to swim in the open water ? but its too cold right ?
Well now the clever team at Huub have developed the Aegis II Thermal .Though its perfect for those wishing to do the extreme Alaskaman™ and the Norseman triathlons it can also be perfect for those wishing to extend their open water seasons in the uk. The Aegis II has been given the new thermal lining whilst maintaining the flexibility of the standard version .

Key Features

Japanese flexible rubber
Break away zipper
Low line neck
Speed cut ankles
Exclusive 3:5 buoyancy for optimum body position
Strategically placed high buoyancy panels to lift legs and hips
Extra stretch panels located in high reach zones
Optimized materials modulus for comfort and performance
The thermal lining thickness is 0.7mm and the component of thermal stretch is: 70D/48F Nylon 48%+75D/36F Polyester 52%.


The type of suit is defined by the buoyancy to give you a correct body balance for your unique make up. Click below for more information.

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Our open water sessions help make that transition from the safety of the pool to the excitement and sometimes daunting open water.

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