Huub Archimedes II Wetsuit



2 years of research and feedback from the Elite Athletes that they work with has resulted in HUUB releasing the Archimedes 2 . They have improved on what was already considered the best wetsuit on the market to date.
There has been a reduction in the neoprene thickness of the panels around the side, the back and the shoulders which gives the wetsuit a non wetsuit feel with extra reach.Richard Varga said
“Wow, that is fast, and so comfortable, what have you done? It doesn’t look much different from the first Archimedes, but it feels incredible”
The X-O Skeleton has received an 80% increase giving even more control to reduce snaking and improving efficiency.
The calf release has increased in volume by 25% too and has a thinner more flexible feel, as does the bicep release.

“I knew I was wearing the most flexible wetsuit, but now I am wearing the most flexible swimskin, it just doesn’t feel like I am wearing a wetsuit, my speed tells me I am, but the feel tells me I am wearing something like I have never before experienced”
Richard Varga commenting on the Archimedes II

Key Features

  • Unrivalled flexibility
  • Non wetsuit feel
  • Improved efficiency X-O skeleton
  • Low neck line
  • Trade mark Calf and Bicep release
  • Breakaway zipper . Saving valuable seconds in removing wetsuit


The type of suit is defined by the buoyancy to give you a correct body balance for your unique make up.


3mm upper body materials and 5mm lower body materials

85% of triathletes come to the sport from a non-swimming background and many suffer from low sinking legs in the water as they swim. Of course the buoyancy of any wetsuit helps bring the legs up higher but never before have wetsuits been designed specifically for these swimmers with a large buoyancy difference between the upper and lower bodies. Until you swim in one of these suits you won’t believe how high your legs can be, they will feel glued to the surface and your potential as a swimmer will be truly unleashed!


4mm upper and lower body material thickness

Our 4:4 wetsuits are for the stronger swimmers who already have a great horizontal position and do not need the redistributed buoyancy of a 3:5 wetsuit. You’ll find perfectly distributed buoyancy to maintain the balance, harmony and efficiency of your stroke technique just as it feels in the pool. Like to use a bit of kick as you swim? No problem, these suits will let you do just that with a smooth natural action.

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We carry a wide range of accessories from goggles to tri suits to dry bags. We even stock TriNswimWell Gift certificates.

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Open water coaching

Our open water sessions help make that transition from the safety of the pool to the excitement and sometimes daunting open water.

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Triathlete Coaching

We work with all abilities. From novice triathletes to double iron man and even Arch to Arc hopefuls (the ultimate tri).