Huub Acara 3:3

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Re designed buyancy profile especially for women as opposed to most suits which are copied across from mens suits

The HUUB Acara is in our opinion the greatest wetsuit for Women on the market today.

We created and refined the female buoyancy profile of a wetsuit to best optimise the female specific needs. The Acara presents 3:3 buoyancy along with unprecedented shoulder and arm flexibility coupled with new ground breaking technologies. Bicep Release and Calf Release exclusive to HUUB.

We asked the questions and tested our suits against our competitors and discovered a Womens suit needs to be more than a re-shaped Mens wetsuit.

We are also able to order a 3:5 buoyancy version should you wish , please contact us for details.

Key Features

- Unrivalled shoulder flexibilty

- Unique Bicep and Calf release for extra swim efficiency

- Upgraded X-O Skeleton offering more buoyancy around the hips

- Super flexible low neck line structure

- 13% modulus improvement redesigned underarm gusset

- Breakaway zipper

- 3:3 and 3:5 buoyancy


The type of suit is defined by the buoyancy to give you a correct body balance for your unique make up.


3mm upper and lower body material thickness

3:3 is only found on the women’s suit for one good reason: Women have less dense and unique body muscular structure making the female swimmer more naturally buoyant. The extra flexibility of a thinner, lighter suit is obvious, but design work by Swim Smooth shows the reduced buoyancy helps you sit at the right level in the water and avoids that feeling of being too high and unbalanced. The thinner material means the suit is a lot easier to put on and remove, and the reduced bulk is much more flattering to the eye. Altogether a more intelligent approach to women’s wetsuits!

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