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Tri ‘n’ Swim Well is an approved retailer of Orca products, including the amazing Predator . Orca have a fantastic selection of wetsuits which has something for everyone to suit most budgets. We decided to stock Orca along with Huub to give our customers a greater choice of a wider range of suits and accessories. All the Orca suits come in male or female fits just check the size guide.

We both have extensive knowledge of all the products we sell , as they have been tried by us either in our pool or in the open water. When you purchase a wetsuit from us you are guaranteed a professional fitting service, and because we observe you swimming in it we ensure that you get the right suit for you!

Just contact us to make a try before you buy appointment. or visit us at TriFarm Boreham to test in the open water .(please see dates on our open water coaching page)

We also offer Weekend Rental on wet suits.

Whilst we would ALWAYS recommend that you try on and swim in your wetsuit before you purchase, we do also offer a mail order service. If you find any of our products advertised cheaper with an online retailer we will match the price.

The Wetsuits....

Orca Alpha 2020


The new Alpha is the most elastic wetsuit there is whilst still maintaining its strength and reliability. Its for natural swimmers who dont need too much buoyancy in the legs whilst the Nano SCS coating minimises drag allowing you to cut through the water with ease.

Avaliable for SEASON Hire from Feburary

Orca Alpha 2020 More info

Orca Sonar 2020


Designed for the Total Swimmer , a good swimmer who just needs a little bit of extra buoyancy without compromising upper body flexibility

Avaliable for SEASON Hire from Feburary

Orca Sonar 2020 More info

Orca Predator 2019/20


After 25 years of innovation in the triathlon industry, ORCA is launching its most advanced wetsuit ever. The new Predator is ideal for swimmers who are seeking the perfect balance between buoyancy and flexibility. Designed for the Total Swimmer, it achieves the highest possible efficiency by pinpointing buoyancy in your legs and providing flexibility in your upper body. It elevates your hip to correctly position your entire body, reducing hydrodynamic restriction as much as possible. The most advanced technology for greater performance.

Avaliable for SEASON Hire from Feburary

Orca Predator 2019/20 More info

Orca S7 2019/2020


The S7 is an alternative to the 3.8 for the Progressive Swimmer. This type of swimmer needs extra buoyancy, so the S7 was designed to elevate the position of the triathlete in the water without compromising elasticity when it comes to swim strokes. The perfect tool to make sure swimming doesn't slow you down.

Avaliable for SEASON Hire from Feburary

Orca S7 2019/2020 More info

Orca Core Swim Run Wetsuit


Orca's Swimrun Core wetsuit offers a price-point option for swim/run race events that will give you the flexibility required for the swim, while not compromising on the freedom of movement and storage that is essential for the run. Removable sleeves included .

Avaliable for SEASON Hire from Feburary

Orca Core Swim Run Wetsuit More info

QSW Genesis Wetsuit


For The Swimmers The QSW Genesis Wetsuit uses High Quality 1.5mm Yamamoto neoprene through the shoulders to provide excellent movement and reduced restriction. Yamamoto 3mm Neoprene through the chest & 4mm in the legs to help give swimmers the initial confidence and buoyancy needed.

Avaliable for SEASON Hire from Feburary

QSW Genesis Wetsuit More info

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We carry a wide range of accessories from goggles to tri suits to dry bags. We even stock TriNswimWell Gift certificates.

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Open water coaching

Our open water sessions help make that transition from the safety of the pool to the excitement and sometimes daunting open water.

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Triathlete Coaching

We work with all abilities. From novice triathletes to double iron man and even Arch to Arc hopefuls (the ultimate tri).