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Orca Alpha 2020



The elasticity in this suit makes it feel like your not even wearing a suit , this is done using a combination of 0.88 (thats .88 mm thickness) and Yamamoto 44 neoprene.Whilst the .88 elements are thin it dosent rip easily like you find on competitors suits , you can take this suit on and off without worrying about damaging it like you may do with similar priced suits (within reason of course !) There is also a shorter zipper which again aids your freedom of movement.

Key Features

Nano SCS coating :/strong>  better hydrodynamics
0.88 free:/strong>  amazing flexibility


The type of suit is defined by the buoyancy to give you a correct body balance for your unique make up. Click below for more information.

Natural Swimmer

When you’re looking for maximum flexibility.

You come from a swimming background or have managed to perfect your technique, with no important errors. You maintain a correct position in the water, horizontal, elevated and hydrodynamic. You are looking for maximum flexibility that lets you develop your skill, without changing your technique. You’re a Natural Swimmer.

When what you’re looking for is Absolute Freedom
Minimal restriction on your stroke, providing complete freedom of movement.

A Second Skin
Maximum flexibility that doesn’t compromise your technique and delays the appearance of fatigue.

Just enough float-ability
The flotability necessary to ensure thermal insulation, without it altering your position in the water.

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We carry a wide range of accessories from goggles to tri suits to dry bags. We even stock TriNswimWell Gift certificates.

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Open water coaching

Our open water sessions help make that transition from the safety of the pool to the excitement and sometimes daunting open water.

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Triathlete Coaching

We work with all abilities. From novice triathletes to double iron man and even Arch to Arc hopefuls (the ultimate tri).