Open water swimming and triathlon wetsuits

Hands up if you’ve found that hiring or buying a wetsuit is complicated?

With so many different brands, buoyancies, flexibilities and price ranges, just looking at a picture online doesn’t help you make the right decision. And how can you be sure it’s a suit perfectly suited to you when you’re just buying off the hanger?

As swim coaches, we’ve spent years wearing and reviewing wetsuits and can pinpoint the right choice for open water swimmers. From our knowledge of the market, and an awareness as to what features and benefits are important at all stages of an outdoor swimming experience, we understand exactly what you need from a swimming wetsuit.

We showcase all this knowledge into our dedicated shop, where we only sell wetsuits that we have tried and love. And if we can’t try the suits ourselves, we call in experienced swimmers to review them for us instead. 

We’re proud to offer a free wetsuit fitting service. For that tailored approach to your wetsuit purchase, book a virtual wetsuit fitting with us. Or if you live near to our shop in Rochford , ask for a swim test appointment trying potential wetsuits out in our pool to make sure you have the perfect suit for your needs and budget. 

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