Recreational Swimmers / Water Phobics

Recreational Swimmers

For swimmers who would just like to improve their swimming. Many of us swim 3-4 times a week for fitness but don’t really think about technique. Poor technique can cause injury and frustration so pop along to see us and we could give your swimming a boost

Water Phobics

We can help you overcome your fear of water in a friendly, relaxed and private setting. The lessons progress at your own pace. We have had countless people tell us how we have changed their lives as they now enjoy holidays with their families and even jump off a boat into the sea!.

Our pool is only 1 meter deep and an instructor is in the water by your side at all times. We will teach you correct breathing technique and to relax in the water. Learn how to stand up quickly and confidently in water and float on your front and back. Once you have gained some water confidence we will begin to teach either front crawl or breastroke .

If you particularly want to develop your new swimming skills in deeper water we can do some of the sessions in a local pool with a deep end of 2 metres.

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