Swim coaching

At Tri N Swim Well, expert coaching in a diverse variety of swimming styles is offered to individuals of all abilities. Whether you’re an experienced triathlete looking to take your speed and endurance to the next level, a complete open water novice, or a pool swimmer keen to make the transition to outdoor waters, our tailored swim coaching sessions can help you achieve and exceed your goals both safely and successfully.

Ideal for competitive swimmers and those participating in triathlon training programmes, Tri N Swim Well offers expert coaching in a specialist endless pool, and at various open water locations across the UK. Specialised swim coaching is available to small groups or as 1-2-1 sessions. 

Tri N Swim Well founders Gill and Dawn, understand the significance of having the correct technique for your stroke. Having coached an impressive range of swimmers on their way to improved technique, speed and overall performance, Tri N Swim Well understands that even the most experienced of individuals can be stuck in their ways when it comes to bad habits; habits that will ultimately compromise the execution of their stroke. 

The bespoke 1-2-1 swim coaching sessions available are proven to enrich swimmers with an expert eye. At these bespoke sessions, swimmers will benefit considerably from the undivided attention of our professional coaches, personalised swimming drills and corrections that are tailored specifically to your current level of swimming – and your unique goals. So whether you are an ambitious age group swimmer ,a triathlete, a proficient masters competitor, a recreational swimmer, or even someone who is overcoming their fear of the water, our private and group coaching sessions are proven to be of considerable help to swimmers of all ages, styles and abilities. 

Perfect for the more adventurous of swimmers, the team at Tri N Swim Well extends their extensive swimming experience and coaching expertise beyond the swimming pool. Founders Gill and Dawn are massive fans of open water swimming, and regularly take the plunge into local rivers, lakes and seas all year round! With an enthusiasm to share the benefits of open water swimming, Tri N Swim Well are proud to offer annual swim camps in desirable national and international destinations; including the Lake District, Lanzarote and French Alps.

To register your interest in open water coaching or attending any of our destination swimming camps, be sure to enquire with the team!