Swim coaching

At Tri N Swim Well, we offer expert coaching for ALL abilities. As regular swimmers ourselves, we understand the importance of correct technique. Even experienced swimmers can develop bad habits, which need an expert eye to correct. At our bespoke 1-2-1 sessions you’ll benefit from individual attention, drills and corrections that are tailored specifically to your current level of swimming – and your personal goals. So whether you’re an ambitious age-grouper, a proficient Masters competitor, a recreational swimmer, or even someone who’s afraid of the water, our private coaching sessions can help.

We don’t just coach pool swimmers! We are huge fans of open water and swim regularly in our local rivers, lakes and seas all year round. We offer coaching in our endless pool and at various open water locations. Both 1-2-1 and group sessions are available. So whether you’re an experienced triathlete looking to take your speed and endurance to the next level, a complete open water novice, or a pool swimmer keen to make the transition outdoors, we can help you achieve your goals safely and successfully.

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