Zone 3 Vision Ladies Wetsuit
Zone 3 Vision Ladies Wetsuit
Zone 3 Vision Ladies Wetsuit
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Zone 3 Vision Ladies Wetsuit

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The Zone 3 Vision has flexibility and fit that is comparable to other suits on the market selling for double the price. 

Triathlon Plus Magazine awarded the Vision wetsuit  5/5 for performance, value and overall.

The women’s Vision has neutral buoyancy for a more natural swim without lifting the legs too high in the water.  

Claiming to be the fastest entry level wetsuit on the market , the vision will appeal to beginners or athletes looking to upgrade their wetsuit. 

Key features

  • X-10 one-piece shoulder panel design extends across the chest and shoulders to give more flexibility, comfort and stroke efficiency.
  • B.R.E: Body Rotation Enhancement panel on the front chest helps maximise distance per stroke and body roll during your swim.
  • 14% weight reduction versus 2020 model despite offering more buoyancy. 
  • 10 different materials used to ensure maximum performance, comfort and durability whilst still maintaining an attractive price point.
  • Aerodome is a unique material designed with air bubbles built between the fabric layers to make it lighter and more buoyant, producing up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene.  
  • 3mm panels from the chest to the knee for a neutral buoyancy profile which improves comfort and provides a natural feeling swim.
  • Combination of SCS or AQUA-X coatings to significantly reduce drag and improve durability.
  • Pro Speed Arm and Leg cuffs make it one of the fastest suits in transition.
  • Laser-cut collar provides a comfortable ‘soft-close’ fit around the neck.
  • Eco-Friendly Neoprene derived from limestone and scrap rubber tires reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 200g per suit. The majority of neoprene production waste is recycled back into the suits, helping to minimise landfill waste and help protect the environment we train in.

 Benefits of a wetsuit featuring Yamamoto material:

  • Speed: The aqua dynamic 'SCS' Nano coating applied to the neoprene creates almost zero drag through the water. A drag coefficient of just 0.021 compared with 4.0 for regular neoprene wetsuits. The SCS coating also prevents the suit from absorbing water, therefore avoiding excess weight in the wetsuit.
  • Flexibility: A massive 480-580% in elongation, compared with human skin (underarm) which is just 60-70%. Superior flexibility and comfort with an expansion of 7x conventional wetsuit materials.
  • Warmth: High heat retention: Keeping the body warmer in colder waters to help reduce body fatigue and improve performance. 
  • Eco: The neoprene is also derived from limestone opposed to petroleum which is more environmentally friendly.