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We can help you overcome your fear of water in a friendly, relaxed and private setting. The lessons progress at your own pace. We have had countless people tell us how we have changed their lives as they now enjoy holidays with their families and even jump off a boat into the sea!. Our pool is only 1 meter deep and an instructor is in the water by your side at all times. We will teach you correct breathing technique and to relax in the water. Learn how to stand up quickly and confidently in water and float on your front and back. Once you have gained some water confidence we will begin to teach either front crawl or breastroke . If you particularly want to develop your new swimming skills in deeper water we can do some of the sessions in a local pool with a deep end of 2 metres.

5 x 60 minute endless pool sessions plus footage of drills to practice. These beginner sessions will include video playback during the lesson , but no detailed final video analysis after the lesson


1 hour endless pool session

Choose from any of the strokes.

This beginner session will include video playback during the lesson , but no detailed final video analysis after the lesson



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Online Coaching Videos

As a customer you will be given access to our new online members section where you will be able to view your video analysis from each lesson. You will also be able to access other learning resources and have dialogue with your coach between lessons. This service is offered for FREE as part of your lesson.

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The Coaches

Gill Anderson and Dawn McFarlane are now starting their 8th year of business in their purpose built premises, just outside the centre of Rochford. Tri ‘N’ Swim W.E.L.L. features an Endless Pool and is located near the Golden Cross in Rochford, Essex .

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State of the art pool

Our open water sessions help make that transition from the safety of the pool to the excitement and sometimes daunting open water.Sed mollis, nisl sit amet euismod feugiat, ante felis

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Total Immersion specialises in re-tooling the swimming strokes of competitive swimmers at any level or age.Sed mollis, nisl sit amet euismod