Starts and turns clinic Sunday 23rd Feb 2020
Morning session 09:30 – 12:15 Children Aged 9-12

Afternoon Session 13:00 - 15.45   Children and Masters swimmers Aged 13 upwards

The coaching ratio is 1 coach per 4 children

We will cover :

Streamlining and Breath management on the turns

Dives , Backstroke starts and finishes. Please note our diving blocks do not have the backboard.

Breaststroke and fly turns, breaststroke break outs and dolphin kick

Freestyle turns, Backstroke turns

All the children will have the opportunity to put their skills into practice in races at the end of the session.

Personalised video analysis of each swimmer will be sent with voice over after the session so that the children can continue to practice

N.B Due to the time constraints and the time required to practice and make improvements we will not cover IM turns in this clinic.  We will run a dedicated IM turns clinic in the future.

Price £75 each


morning session ages 9-12


afternoon session ages 13 upwards


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Bancroft’s School Woodford Green

Join us at this perfect location for our swimming workshops. A 25m pool with a shallow and deep end perfect for a maximum of 15 swimmers on our workshops . Great for our under and overwater filming.

Dawnie website photo.

Coach Dawn

Dawn is a former triathlete and Marathon runner. Dawn is a level 3 T.I Coach and is highly experienced. She has been qualified as a TI 4 stroke coach for 11 years and is a co owner of " Tri ’N’ Swim W.E.L.L." She teaches full time in the Endless Pool studio just outside the centre of Rochford, Essex. Working with a wide range of swimming abilities from children, competitive swimmers through to Solo Windermere and Channel swimmers

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Coach Gill

Gill is a Level 1 Workshop Director. She is one of the most established TI Coaches in the UK and is now in their 11th year of coaching at " Tri ’N’ Swim W.E.L.L." She teaches full time in their Endless Pool studio just outside the centre of Rochford, Essex. Working with a wide range of swimming abilities from Phobic swimmers to the current GB U 20 Sprint Triathlon Champion , She is one of the only TI coaches to run open water workshops . in the UK and directs the Tri n Swim WELL lanzarote swim camps . She is a former triathlete and a former Competitive Swimmer

Susan photo

Coach Susan

Susan is Head of Swimming at Bancroft’s School in Woodford Green and the first TI Coach in Europe to implement Total Immersion teaching methodology into the PE curriculum, from non-swimmers to our county and National swimmers everyone shows a significant improvement both physically and in their understanding of how swimming works and swimming has seen a significant rise in participation and success over recent years. Gill and Susan first met on a workshop back in 2010/11, where Gill was the Coach and Susan the swimmer and are delighted to be able to work together to deliver Total Immersion workshops at Bancroft’s School