Expert 1-2-1 Coaching for Competitive Swimmers, Triathletes and Open Water Swimmers of all levels

Tri N Swim Well

1-2-1 Coaching For Competitive Club Swimmers

These sessions focus on technique, stroke mechanics, body positioning and breath management, to help competitive swimmers of all abilities maximise their speed and endurance. Our leisure centre’s state-of-the-art endless pool features an adjustable current, mirrors and four different camera angles. All lessons include personalised video analysis of your coaching session with our swim instructors – including any recommended drills and skills – that’s yours to keep and refer back to.

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Open Water/Triathlon Swim Coaching

Our open water sessions are designed for both experienced swimmers and aspiring triathletes, and for pool swimmers keen to transition safely and confidently to lakes, rivers and the sea. We offer lessons of 1-2-1 sessions in our endless pool, to prepare and fine-tune the relevant skills and stamina, alongside outdoor sessions at a range of different locations, where we supervise all sessions on-site via kayak, and also coach solo lessons via headset for real-time improvement. Currently, all of our 1-2-1 Sessions are all available.

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The right wetsuit is vital for successful open water and triathlon swimming. With so many elements to consider – including size, cut, material, buoyancy level and performance profile – expert advice is a must. We are an approved retailer of HUUB and Orca products, and offer a professional wetsuit fitting service that includes a try-before-you-buy session.

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Holiday Swim Camps

Our popular 7-night swim camps, held twice a year in Lanzarote, combine technique-based pool swims and open water sea sessions, within a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We even include an opportunity to swim the famous Ironman Lanzarote route. If you’re a fan of active holidays, and are keen to improve your swimming skills with a group of like-minded people, come and join us!

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Swim accessories

We carry a wide range of swim accessories designed for both the pool and open water. These include goggles, tri suits, tow floats, transition bags and race belts, from leading brands such as Huub and Orca. Looking for the perfect gift, but not quite sure what to buy? Give the gift of choice! We offer Gift Certificates, from £10 upwards which can be redeemed against any of our accessories.

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Recreational Swimmers/Water Phobics

We are committed to helping everyone – regardless of age and stage – enjoy their time in the water. We don’t just coach competitive swimmers and triathletes – if you swim for fun and/or fitness we can help you too! Fine-tuning your technique will help to prevent injury, burn calories, and boost your confidence. Frightened of the water? We can help with that too.

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Helped by your amazing coaching, Archie took 12 seconds off his 1500m LC PB and is now ranked 3rd in England in his age group! Thank you for everything.

Sarah Hawkins

After yesterday’s session, I swam 2.5K this morning, four minutes faster than usual. Thank you!


In Summer of 2017 I was a non-swimmer, so visited the lovely ladies at Tri n Swim Well. 3 months later I completed my first Sprint Triathlon. 

Ben Weir

It was more than just a great swimming camp, it was a great holiday too.

My daughters are club swimmers and are being coached by Gill and Dawn . The individual focus that Gill and Dawn offer has improved both girls hugely. Their stroke technique, efficiency, pacing and overall development has improved two fold. This has resulted in them setting best times in all areas . Gill and Dawn are brilliant and I highly recommend them.

Tilly Yankee Beckenham

"I would thoroughly recommend Gill and Dawn. They are absolutely excellent at tweaking technique, and identifying and correcting bad habits. Their coaching has always made a really big difference to race times."

Rebecca Chelmsford

Following my session with you in the summer, I’ve been using the tips and guidance you’ve given me both in the pool and the sea and the follow up video, to work on my stroke development and confidence in sea swimming. I’m really chuffed with my progress, having completed several short swims in the sea, both off the beach and jumping in off the boat over the summer. I’ve also restarted open water swimming at Stoney Cove in skins this time now I feel more confident and capable and can feel such a difference in my comfort while swimming and my pace has picked up as well.
Really appreciate everything you gave to my session with you and highly recommend to anyone else considering.